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STAT, the ARMLS® monthly statistical newsletter

STAT newsletter provides Subscribers with a timely view of what is happening in the residential market in the Valley. Unlike statistics compiled by other entities, it does not rely on data from third-parties delivered 30 to 90 days late. STAT looks at sales and active inventory, including details on sales prices, listing prices, foreclosures, pending sales, distressed sales, Days on Market, Month Supply of Inventory with a short commentary.


The ARMLS Pending Price Index™ , found inside STAT, predicts future average and median prices based on reporting of contracts executed but not closed. The PPI is available only through ARMLS, as no other statistics entity has access to pending data inside MLS.



STAT issues are now titled based on which month of data they represent:
Example: a January 2016 STAT is about data from January 2016.

April 2016
published April 19, 2016
March 2016
published April 25, 2016

February 2016
published March 25, 2016

January 2016
published February 23, 2016



Older issues of STAT are titled based on when the report was published:
Example: a May 2015 STAT is about data from April 2015.

January 2016
Data: December 2015. This is the last issue where the title was based on when the report was published rather than the data represented.

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