The FNMA Short Sale Assistance Desk (SSAD) has been replaced with an easier-to-use short sale escalation process now available through the Fannie Mae’s Home Path website, at www.HomePathForShortSales.com.



Fannie Mae now favors a process where they are more directly involved in the decision making process of short sales. This new philosophy supports a direct line of communication for all real estate professionals on issues encountered during a short sale. Like its predecessor, the former FNMA SSAD, the new process will also be a procedure which may help facilitate and streamline the short sale process in closing short sales. Click to find out if property has a first lien owned by FNMA.


The mortgage servicer handles all borrower interactions and the borrower eligibility process for a short sale. If a short sale offer meets Fannie Mae's guidelines, including acceptable offer price, terms, and normal and customary expenses, then certain servicers can approve and close the transaction on Fannie Mae's behalf. If an offer does not meet Fannie Mae's guidelines, a servicer can submit the offer to Fannie Mae to determine if the offer is acceptable.


Cases should now be submitted through FNMA’s new short sale portal at www.HomePathForShortSales.com. After you submit  your inquiry online, you will receive a confirmation email along with a confirmation number. Your inquiry will then be routed to a dedicated team that will research and address your issue. If you need to follow up on your inquiry, call the Fannie Mae Consumer Resource Center at 1-800-7FANNIE. Please have your confirmation number available if you call.

In March 2013 the FNMA SSAD will cease operating. For a short period, the operation of the two sites will overlap until all cases in the SSAD are resolved. Current Submission should be made to www.HomePathForShortSales.com.

Submissions can only be made by the listing Agent who is an active ARMLS Subscriber. For a property to be eligible, certain guidelines must be met. If Fannie Mae owns a loan, Fannie Mae provides direction to the servicer of that loan. For short sales, Fannie Mae's guidance includes borrower eligibility guidelines, specific list price guidance, offer requirements, and other potential foreclosure alternatives available if your client does not meet the eligibility requirements for a short sale. The property must have a first lien owned by Fannie Mae. (Click to find out if property has a first lien owned by FNMA.) Only post offer issues can be submitted. The servicer must be in receipt of a valid offer for the property.


Report Short Sale Fraud on the fraud hotline at 1-800 732-6643, or mortgage_fraud_program@fanniemae.com.  Learn more about mortgage fraud prevention or short sale fraud.

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