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Rules and Regulations

The ARMLS Rules and Regulations are approved and adopted by the ARMLS® Board of Directors and Shareholders.  The Rules and Regulations are comprehensive and are amended from time to time to address industry and market changes as they occur.


The document reflects the strong ARMLS commitment to the integrity of the data displayed in MLS. If the information contained there is inaccurate, the reputation and professionalism of the Subscriber who passes poor data on to his clients and customers is at stake. Subscribers rely on correct information in the MLS system to make sound business decisions about their real estate practices. Decisions made on unreliable information, either by a Buyer, Seller or Subscribers, can lead to misdirection with serious consequences and liability. The Rules and Regulations are from time to time amended to stay abreast of current market challenges and direction. 


To ensure compliance with the Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors also passed the ARMLS Penalty Policy to encourage Subscribers to support the commitment to data integrity.

Looking for information on IDX data? see the ARMLS IDX Policy.


The new penalties are based on a hierarchy of offenses incurred during the most recent past 6 months. Since the end goal is cultivation of accuracy rather than a punitive motivation, the policy allows the ARMLS staff to correct factual errors that are identified as Non-Penalty violations, without the listing Subscriber incurring a penalty. For habitual offenders and for non-compliance to rules which have the potential to cause harm to either the public or other Subscribers, the consequences are hierarchical and more costly.


ARMLS offers a class on Rules and Regulations. This course is available at the ARMLS training facility at 120 S. Priest Dr. or can be delivered at a convenient off site location for groups or sales meetings by ARMLS Trainers. 

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