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Penalty Policy

ARMLS® is dedicated to the integrity of the data in MLS, as well as protecting the Seller’s property and the safety of its occupants.  All of ARMLS’s compliance documents (Rules and Regulations, Inappropriate Language Policy, and Short Sale Policy) conform to these goals. The ARMLS Penalty Policy seeks to enforce the ARMLS Rules and Regulations.  It is based on a tiered penalty system that allows a grace period and escalating penalties for habitual violators. Notification of each violation is sent to the offending Subscriber, as well as his Designated Broker.  The penalties escalate through warnings, a mandatory remedial Rules class, escalating fines, appearance before the Board of Directors and ultimately, for more egregious offenses, to suspension from MLS and/or the lockbox system.

ARMLS encourages Subscribers who come across violations in the system to contact the Listing Agent to encourage him/her to correct the error before ARMLS enters the violation in the penalty system. This goodwill gesture helps fellow Subscribers avoid a fine and mitigates their liability. Data Integrity is important to all Subscribers and the customers and clients they serve.

Penalty Policy Level 4 Class and Test

If you have received a violation notice from the ARMLS Data Integrity Department that you must take an online class for your penalty level 4 violation, you will need your agent ID and about 45 minutes to complete the class and pass the test. Take the class.

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